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Important Dates & Information

  *  List of Cleared Volunteers as of 3/14/14 go to http://www.williamscommunity.com to see the list

 *  Wednesday, August 13th: First Day of School

 *  Wednesday, August 13th 9am: Volunteer Fair in the Courtyard

  *  Friday, August 15th: 5:30pm Kinder Welcome Event in the Kinder Yard, 7pm Ice Cream Social and Fall Movie Night at Dusk (bring chairs and blankets)

* Sign up and volunteer with your child for 4th Grade Valet http://www.williamscommunity.com/storage/admin-team/Valet%20Program%20letter%20for%202014-15.pdf or 5th Grade Safety Patrol http://www.williamscommunity.com/storage/admin-team/Safety%20Patrol%20letter%20for%202014-15.pdf

  *  After School Enrichment Activities  http://sjusd.org/williams/student-programs/after-school-enrichment/

*   Read the Principal's corner


*   See the Williams calendar http://sjusd.org/williams/school-information/calendar/


Fundraising Team

   *   Poolside Service & Repair: provides full weekly service: test water chemicals, adjust chemical levels to balance water, document test results, clean filters, brush pool tiles/walls, skim the water surface for debris, vacuum the pool floor as needed, empty skimmer and pump baskets, inspect pool equipment for proper operation. Mention you are from Williams and they will give 5% back to the school.Call 408-442-2482, click here for the flyer http://www.williamscommunity.com/storage/fundraising-free-4-williams/Poolside%20Ad.jpg.png

  *   Jumping Up After School Program http://www.williamscommunity.com/storage/fundraising-free-4-williams/JumpingUp-1.pdf is enrolling students! Enroll in May and get free all day service for October break, early pickup during all district minimum days. They will give 2% back to Williams with each enrollment, just say you are from Williams. They offer School Bus pickup from Williams, After School Program until 7pm, Homework Center, Math Enrichment & MPM, English Writing with Mrs. Mirabeau (former Williams teacher), Chinese, Math Olympiad & GATE, Critical Reading, Go Chess, Lego Robotics. Call them at 408-323-8388 or email at lisa.jumpingup@gmail.com to enroll or for more info.

  *   Akins Collision Center: Is giving back 2% to Williams when you get your car repaired with them. They are located on Redmond & Meridian -  1341 Redmond Ave - 408-268-3814, go to Akins Collision  http://www.callakins.com/   for more info.

*  Tune your Piano and help raise funds for WINS: Charistune Piano Tuning, Repairing, Regulating service - I will donate 10% back to Williams for the first time use and 5% for any subsequent appointments made. Please contact at kym@charistune.com or through my website contact form at www.charistune.com. Please mention you are from Williams when you are signing up for the service. You can look up my reviews on Charistune on Yelp.

   * Kym Ng, a Simply Music Piano Teacher, teaches a revolutionary, playing-based piano method which enables students to play great-sounding contemporary, classical, gospel, blues, accompaniment pieces, and improvisation - immediately from their very first lessons. You may contact Kym through her website http://www.almadentpianostudio.com or 408-410-1597. Williams WINS will receive $50 donation in the third month of the new student's lessons. Must mention Williams WINS at the initial contact with the teacher.

*  America's Best Karate Promotion: ABK http://www.almadenkarate.com/ would like to give a free month to all families that donated to WINS that are new to ABK to try out Martial Arts, Fitness Self Defense, or Pilates.

*  Tiffani's Nail Lounge is giving back 15% to Williams, 5965 Almaden Expy, Suite 135 (next to Almaden Valley Aesthetics) 408-268-8795, Open 7 days a week Monday to Sunday  9am-7:30pm and Sunday 10am-6pm, Bring this Coupon http://www.williamscommunity.com/storage/fundraising-programs/Tiffanis%20Nail%20Lounge%20COUPON%20for%20Williams.pdf and make sure they know you are from Williams when you walk in.

*  Glamplaza, http://glamplaza.com/ specializing in Women's Clothing & Accessories is giving everyone from Williams 25% off and 10% back to Williams. Use the discount code Williams25 when you check out.

*  Thank you to our Corporate Sponsors: They have helped us raise more than $15k http://www.williamscommunity.com/storage/fundraising-programs/CORPORATE%20SPONSORS.2013.14.8.29.pdf

*  Splash by a Whale: Have a birthday or other special event coming up in your house? Order your Splashed by a Whale and give someone a Whale of a Surprise when they wake up to find cute little smiling whales set-up in the front yard and a personal message left at their door. Order now to make sure you get that special date on our calendar...the whales get pretty busy during the year! $20 either via paypal or check. http://www.williamscommunity.com/splashed-by-a-whale/

*  App Fairs! http://appfairs.com/williamselementary Get the best Apps! iBooks, educationl Apps, games, and more. 100% of the Revenue will go to Wins

 *  Shop Amazon and earn FREE money for Williams WINS! We have raised $197.88 so far.   Just  click here http://www.amazon.com/?&tag=willwinsfoun-20&camp=15345&creative=331689&linkCode=ur1&adid=0VZKJ05R4XGPGJ9EPEDZ&&ref-refURL=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.williamscommunity.com%2F to get to Amazon's home page, or click the Amazon banner on the Wins' home page. Remember to pass along the link to your friends and family. Thanks for your support. If you have any questions about Amazon, read the FAQ http://www.williamscommunity.com/storage/fundraising-free-4-williams/Amazon_Associates_FAQ_0913.pdf If you have any questions please contact Srividya Sunderamurthy ssunderamurthy@yahoo.com 

*  Williams Gift Card Program:  Sold Wednesday mornings from 8:45-9:15am under the shade structure and after school by the lunch tables 2:45-3:15pm. We are selling cards in stock and taking special orders (orders will be placed once a month, at the end of the month). Proceeds benefit next year's 5th Grade Science Camp. Any 4th grade family that places a special order, the profits will go directly to that student for science camp fundraising. If you have any question please contact Ladan at ladan.ralston@gmail.com or Amy at alhorowitz@yahoo.com.

* Sign up for eScrip and earn free money for Williams: Sign up on www.escrip.com. It’s quick and easy! Click “sign-up,” and select Williams Elementary Group ID  137106631. Register your Safeway card, debit card, and credit cards. Use your debit card/check/cash at Safeway, credit cards will no longer count.


Enrichment Team

  Project Cornerstone: For more information on the program: www.projectcornerstone.org.


If you'd like more information about Project Cornerstone, please contact BJ Bushur at bj@foundation6.com   or Ziem Neubert at znneubert@gmail.com.  

 *  Williams GATE mailing list - Parents of all 3rd and 5th grade GATE students are invited to join the GATE mailing list. Here is the link to the yahoo group: http://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/WilliamsGATE_mailinglist/info.

Subscribe: WilliamsGATE_mailinglist-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

Unsubscribe: WilliamsGATE_mailinglist-unsubscribe@yahoogroups.com

To join the group, please provide your GATE student's name, grade, teacher name, and submit your request online. PLEASE DO NOT request anyone to manually add you to the group. There might be some delay to have your request approved. Please be patient, as long as you have provided all the information, your join request WILL be approved and you will start receiving messages from the group.

GATE:    GATE please click here http://www.williamscommunity.com/gate/

*  Math Olympiad - Williams will have 2 teams compete in this year's Math Olympiad. Participating students are required to take 5 math tests. Details on the competition and how to sign up will be announced to the GATE mailing list soon.

We are in the process of planning other exciting GATE activities for the rest of the school year. Please join the Yahoo group to stay informed of upcoming events.

*  4th & 5th Grade Band/Orchestra - Music Lessons after school - Instrumental music lessons will be offered two times a week to Williams 4th and 5th grade students after school on Tues & Thurs. The classes will be taught by Joan Macguire, a retired instrumental music teacher.



 Administration Team

* Access eBooks, Directions are here http://www.williamscommunity.com/storage/admin-team/Williams-Ebook-Flyer-STUDENT.jpg

*Our Online Direcory is now LIVE!! Please click here https://www.myschoolanywhere.com/directory-login.a5w to acess our new online Directory. Click here for the mobile directory https://www.myschoolanywhere.com/mobile-login.a5w. Directions to download the Directory to your mobile device. http://www.williamscommunity.com/storage/admin-team/Directory%20Icon%20on%20your%20Smart%20Phone.pdf If you did not confirm your family information in a previous eConfirmation email link, please check your information in the live online Directory. Once in the online Directory, you will be able to add/edit your family information at any time. Please check the 'CONFIRMED' box in the last tab, so we know everything is correct. If you would rather not be listed in the online and printed Directory, please be sure to check the appropriate boxes in the "Display" tab. Temp passwords have been emailed to each parent from williamscommunity@gmail.com. If you did not receive your temporary password please contact Jen Grove at jenjengrove@yahoo.com

* Connect to Dr. Blizzard's Twitter Feed  https://twitter.com/Docblizzard

 * Join Yahoo Groups to communicate with fellow Williams parents and staff. Share and exchange information related to school, activities, recommendations, community concerns, and more. Just click the Yahoo Groups icon on the home page or click here http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WilliamsSchool/ to become a member. Questions about Yahoo Groups? Contact Ashley Cappelletti (Yahoo Moderator) at crashley33@gmail.com.

 *Like the Williams WINS Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/WilliamsWins and receive updates and reminders (click the "Like" button at the top of the page)


Volunteer Operations Team 

*  Need more volunteer hours, but don't have time during the day?  Join the SPLASH BY A WHALE team. When we have an order, your job would be to go set-up the whales in someone's front yard during the late evening. After their splash is over, you collect the whales and store them back at your house for the month. 2 Hours per splash -- number of splashes per month vary depending on orders. SUPER FUN! SUPER EASY! If you are interested in volunteering contact Heather at heather_smith@mac.com.

*   Be part of the Positive Playground Support Team at lunch time from 11:45am-1:10pm http://williamscommunity.ivolunteer.com/event_363

*   Volunteer for all Williams Events and activities http://williamscommunity.i-volunteeronline.com/


Community & Sponsor Events