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About Wins


Co- Presidents

Radhika Parakala
Sara Woodley

WINS By-Laws


The Williams Wins Foundation is a group of parents, teachers, and administrators dedicated to improving the educational opportunities and community for all students at Williams.

The Wins Foundation is a non-profit organization that passionately supports our students, teachers and families at Williams. Our programs are unique to our school. We fund a diversity of programs that reach all students at different grade levels. This philosophy is to educate the whole child through programs that enhance the core curriculum, provide music and art, integrate technology in the classroom, promote physical fitness and build a positive school-learning environment. In addition to providing funds for vital programs, salaries of specialty teachers, and supplemental classroom supplies, Wins promotes cooperation between parents and faculty and strives to create an environment where every child can flourish.

What is Our Mission and Goal?

Williams WINS Foundation is dedicated to raising funds to improve and enhance the quality and variety of experiences for Williams Elementary Students. This year we need to raise $302,654 to fund these academic programs. When Williams Wins, Our Children Win:

  • Students: promote open communication and positive school and community relationships that enhance the educational environment of those children attending Williams Elementary School.
  • Families: establish and maintain a working relationship between parents, Williams and the community
  • Teachers: support and promote the best education possible for the students of Williams Elementary School.
  • Staff: enhance the quality of education of the students of Williams Elementary School by raising funds to provide for the compensation of support staff, school supplies and educational programs

We Rely On Your Support

Our Make-A-Difference (MAD) donation drive is our biggest fundraiser of the year and takes place during the first six weeks of school, donate by September 8th to get all the perks. Anyone can become a member of the Williams Wins Foundation at any time throughout the year.

The Williams Wins Foundation also holds the following fundraisers during the school year: Walk a Thon with Teacher and Principal Treasures, Live and Silent Auction Night, Raffles, Winter Wonderland Concert, and Family FUNDraiser nights at restaurants.

Funding Facts

Why should I contribute to Wins?
Study after study has shown that a well-rounded education goes beyond the basics and includes music, art, physical fitness and other enrichment.  Wins Foundations exists to ensure that these critical priorities don't fall to the bottom of the list when budget crises hit California's public education system.  Without Wins, many of these programs would have to be severely cut or eliminated.  Our programs touch every child at Williams. Wins pays for educational enrichment that is integrated directly with the curriculum and educational priorities district-wide. 

Is there still a budget shortfall ?
Nothing is expected to change. The fiscal health of California has only worsened since last year. We can expect that school budgets will be under even greater pressure.

Why do we want to raise money beyond the budget shortfall?

Williams Elementary needs to raise funds to provide necessary monies to support programs, specialists, and classroom supplies not funded by our school district.  Without these funds from the Wins Foundation, the programs would not exist.

How can I donate?

Donate online, send a check or use your credit card with the remit envelope in US mail or drop in box in office.

Can I donate items other than cash? - stocks, bonds, real estate, autos?

Yes. Contact the Wins President or CFO to discuss further.

Can I make my donation in monthly installments?

Yes. Credit card payments can be divided into three installments.

1/3 Balance Due 9/8/17
1/3 Balance Due 10/27/17
Final Balance Due 12/15/17

What do other local Foundations suggest as donations?
Los Altos - $700 (1 child); $1400 (2 children); $2100 (3+ children)
Los Gatos - $600 (1 child); $900 (2 or more children)
Saratoga - $700 (1 child); $1400 (2 children); $2100 (3+ children)
Menlo Park/ Atherton - $500 (1 child); $1000 (2 children); $1500 (3+ children)
Mill Valley - $500 (1 child); $1000 (2 children); $1500 (3+ children)
Hillsborough - $1000 (1 child); $1500 (2 children); $2000 (3+ children)

Can neighbors, community members, grandparents and other family members contribute?

Yes!  Any donation amounts are greatly appreciated by the Wins Foundation.

Will we need to raise money every year?

Yes.  We expect a high quality education for our children and it will require annual fundraising at this level to ensure there are quality programs.

Will the Foundation decide how the money is spent?

Yes the Foundation has an approval process through our Board. If you have questions, please contact either the Wins President or CFO.

How do I get more involved in the campaign?

Contact any board member on our Wins Foundation.