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Annual Campaign Donation Status

2019-20 WINS Board Members and Committee Chairs

Co-Presidents: Radhika Parakala and Sara Woodley 

CFO: Amber Macias

Treasurer: Nillie Shirazi

Secretary: Amy Kuoyang

VP Administration: In transition. 

Co-VPs Fundraising: Lauren Raegen and Kristine Sterchi

VP Volunteers: Mani Parkhe

Teacher Kinder: Mrs Lamy

Teacher 5th Grade: Mrs Esposito

Principal: Dr Devin Blizzard


The Williams Wins Foundation is a group of parents, teachers, and administrators dedicated to improving the educational opportunities and community for all students at Williams. The Wins Foundation is a non-profit organization that passionately supports our students, teachers and families at Williams. Our programs are unique to our school. We fund a diversity of programs that reach all students at different grade levels. This philosophy is to educate the whole child through programs that enhance the core curriculum, provide music and art, integrate technology in the classroom, promote physical fitness and build a positive school-learning environment. In addition to providing funds for vital programs, salaries of specialty teachers, and supplemental classroom supplies, Wins promotes cooperation between parents and faculty and strives to create an environment where every child can flourish.

The organizational structure is the core of every organization. While there is no definitely right or wrong department where volunteers belong, and ultimately, they all need to work together to succeed collectively, our organizational chart presents a summary of events, fundraisers, related contacts and Committee Chairs.
Committee Chairs actively manage the event(s) they are responsible for. They put together their volunteer committee and pull in resources as necessary.
The Board VP's are self-motivated and driven leaders. There are no stringent guidelines defining their role, and this allows vice presidents the unique opportunity to tailor the job to their own skills and interests. They play a role in day-to-day operations of the Wins Foundation, help formulate long-range plans, lead or support fundraisers and events as needed, work out issues as they arise, and participate in board discussions and decision making.
Presidents oversee and coordinate the work of the board in day to day operations, handle overall communication with the parent community, provide active support for fundraisers, or just pitch in wherever necessary.
Ultimately, we are all parents with the common goal of making a difference to our school and our students, and love working together, sharing laughs as we do it. We can't do it without volunteer support. So come forward, join in! This is a fun team to be on.