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Annual Campaign Donation Status

Thank you for volunteering as a room parent! 
Currently, your role as a room parent consists of:
  1.  Working together with your teacher to coordinate classroom parties
  2.  Submitting a class basket/party for our annual Silent Auction Dinner
  3.  Organizing teacher appreciation week for your teacher
  4.  Purchasing teacher gifts (i.e. birthday, Christmas, end of the year) from the class
  5.  Finding out if your teacher would like a school yearbook & attend the Auction dinner & incorporate the ticket costs in your budget
  6.  Asking your teacher if she would like to attend the Winter Wonderland program & ticket will be purchase by WINS
  7. (For grades 3-5): This year, WINS will be providing/purchasing SBAC snacks for all children in grades 3-5.  However, we request assistance in bagging/sorting the snacks on designated days.  Room parents can assist in soliciting parent volunteers from their specific class to assist with the bagging/sorting of snacks. 
Please refer to the room parent handout which include some quick tips and some additional important information. The handout include the following:
  1. Sample of a budget (also attached below)
  2. Information regarding class funded events, Auction Night dinner, Teacher gifts, & Teacher Appreciation week 
  3. Instructions on how to use iVolunteer, ordering pizza, & making reservations
  4. Sample of contribution letter (also attached below) to families from room parent
  5. Teacher Appreciation Week Ideas

We have added Teacher Wish Lists below filled with their personal info and favorites to help you with birthday gifts, teacher appreciation week, etc...  Please note that teacher wish lists are password protected. Please contact us for the password.

To respect the privacy of our Williams' families...please "BCC" (blind copy) your emails when you correspond to the class. 
If you have any questions, please contact us at or
Thank you again for volunteering!

Radhika Parakala & Sara Woodley


Pizza Discounts:

  • Pomodoro Pizza- Discounted Rate from Owner Sasan Shams

408-997-9800 $12 Large Cheese Pizza (Minimum 6 Pizza Order for Pick Up Only)

  • Pizza My Heart - Discounted Rate from manager Barbara 

408-226-9100 $11 Large Cheese Pizza, $13 Large Pepperoni (ask for pizza to be double sliced and there will be 16 slices in a large) - Will Deliver

  • Round Table - Discounted School Rate $13.99 XLarge Cheese (14 slices)

408-268-7474 - they can deliver to your classroom


Teacher Appreciation Ideas 

  1. Bring the teacher lunch one day (favorite lunch)
  2. Build a Fruit basket – each child brings in a piece of fruit
  3. Flower Day – each child brings her a flower and it creates a nice arrangement
  4. Kitchen Day – each child brings her a kitchen item
  5. Starbucks Day – bring her favorite beverage and food item
  6. Gift Cards
  7. Kids make her a poster and hang it up the first day
  8. Decorate the door
  9. Make a poster with the kids baby pictures and the teacher has to guess who each one is
  10. Make a poster with the kids doing their favorite things, hide the pictures and write a clue on top for each one, the teacher has to guess who each one is, do a few each day
  11. Put together a Basket of her favorite things


Teacher Wish Lists - Click on the teacher name to download. Please note that teacher wish lists are password protected. Please contact us for the password.

TK      Leonard 

Kinder Ereno  / Lamy / Murtha

1st     Soliz /  Liu  / Dubois  / 

2nd    Isensee /  / GanjtomariAlevizos / Hernandez

3rd    Ghani  /   Nolan  /  Hashimoto / Polizzotto

4th    Maguire  /  Yanai  /  Shelley / Liu, Reina

5th    Esposito  /  Gallo  /  Rolle  /   O'Marah 


Sample Documents - Click on document to download and edit.

Sample Letter to Class Parents for money collection 

Class Budget Sample